Lisa Curtis Photography


Empire - E4, 2017

A very simple selection of photos from this event; there was one thing I had definite plans to photograph, but when I arrived on site I realised that was the only thing I wanted to get my camera out for. So, these photos are of a tourny at Anvil that my good friend, Mark Hulmes, was in. It was fantastic to watch, and even the weather joined in with great big cracks of thunder when they were announced! 


Empire - E3, 2017

I need to name the last event "The one where it was too hot" and this one "The one where it was too wet". I mean, it was no Storm Katie, but still, rather wet and soggy. However, I did get to go out on occasion with my lovely new zoom lens and had so much fun! :D


Empire - E2, 2017

This event was a bit of a scorcher (Storm Katie one year, hottest June day since 1974 the next....), meaning I spent most of my time hiding in the tent and not much getting out and about with the camera. But I did manage to get a few from each day, so please hop over to the gallery and take a look :)


Empire larp - E4

The last event of the season happened, and now we have the long, dark winter to suffer through before the next event. Not as many photos this time, and the ones I took aren't very varied, nor am I as pleased with the quality. But hey, they're still photos, right? :)

There are a few photos from E3 at the beginning of this set, simply because I didn't think a handful of photos warranted their own gallery. And I am lazy. 

As always, pop along to the Events section to have a look!


Empire larp - E2

May larp event happened. It was amazing. The weather was beautiful and I managed to get around the entire site this time with my camera while it was quiet on Saturday. I also got to take some orc wedding photos! Please go take a look in the gallery :)