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Today Dan and I drove to Cambridge to meet up with Laura and Andy, who are getting married in less than two weeks. The hotel where the ceremony and reception will be held is absolutely beautiful, lovely and bright (I got offered a wedding pack after gushing over it! Hmm, I am already married, but...), and I'm very excited about taking photos there :)

This will be my first wedding from morning with the bride until I have no more photos to take in the evening, and I can't wait to be a part of their day. Now all I'm wondering is whether I want it to be sunny or overcast... 


Quick thoughts

Just posted a picture to the Personal gallery that I took in London with the new lens. Was a bit unsure at first as a lot of the pictures still seemed too soft, even with OS, but after looking in to it, it turns out I need to get out of the habit of taking at f/2.8 all the time, as Sigma lenses tend to be soft at that end. F/4-5.6 are where it's at, and I'm totally in love with this picture. Added a few actions (LilyBlue) et voila, real 1950's diner ;)


New addition!

I just purchased the Sigma 17-50mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM. I am a touch excited. Just a touch, mind.


So personal!

I’ve added a personal gallery! In here will be photos of my family, friends, and hobbies (possibly dolls, be warned!), so please come and visit!


Welcome to 2011

As a wonderful new beginning to 2011, a friend of mine had her first baby, a beautiful little boy. I’d been saying for some time that I’d love to take photos of him and his proud parents when he’s born, and at the beginning of February, when he was a month old, I got my wish.

This was a totally new experience for me, I didn’t know what to expect and had no plans, so whilst I was partly terrified of doing it all wrong, I was also really excited to try something so new and, let’s face it, amazing. The only real problem I ran in to was, haha, the lighting (sigh). It was a very grey, dull day, and I didn’t have enough light after lunch, but putting the room lights on gave the photos a yellow cast. Thankfully I shot in RAW and this was easily corrected, phew!

A fun new experience, though, and one I’m looking forward to repeating on a monthly basis to chronicle baby’s first year :)