Lisa Curtis Photography


Welcome to 2011

As a wonderful new beginning to 2011, a friend of mine had her first baby, a beautiful little boy. I’d been saying for some time that I’d love to take photos of him and his proud parents when he’s born, and at the beginning of February, when he was a month old, I got my wish.

This was a totally new experience for me, I didn’t know what to expect and had no plans, so whilst I was partly terrified of doing it all wrong, I was also really excited to try something so new and, let’s face it, amazing. The only real problem I ran in to was, haha, the lighting (sigh). It was a very grey, dull day, and I didn’t have enough light after lunch, but putting the room lights on gave the photos a yellow cast. Thankfully I shot in RAW and this was easily corrected, phew!

A fun new experience, though, and one I’m looking forward to repeating on a monthly basis to chronicle baby’s first year :)


Surprise party

In November I was asked to photograph a surprise 50th birthday party. It was my boss’s husband so I knew a few people there, but it was a really busy night with people coming and going up until we left.

I always seem to be faced with lighting challenges and this night was no different. A few minutes after the birthday boy had walked through the door and had his surprise, they turned all the lights off. Wonderful! So I asked the bar staff if they wouldn’t mind turning a few back on for me, enough to give me light to get by on, but low enough to keep the mood of the party. I think it worked!

It ended up being a really good night, was a nice new experience for me, and I got to listen to some wonderful real Irish music :)



London MCM Expo, October 2010

October 29th-31st saw me at the London MCM Expo at the Excel Centre. Aside from being a brilliant weekend with friends, meeting new people, admiring the amazing work on show from artists and cosplayers, and eating wonderful food, it was a weekend for me to try out a long-coveted lens; the Canon 24-70 f/2.8 L USM.

Now, this is a truly wonderful lens, as all the reviews will tell you, but sadly, it’s not for me. It weighs a TON! By the end of Saturday I was in absolute agony, my shoulders burned and my arms were like jelly. My feet survived better in brand new New Rocks for 3 days than my arms did carrying that lens. Unfortunately, because my strength wasn’t up to the L-series weighty glass test, a lot of the photos were much softer than I would have liked, and coupled with the horrendous lighting and necessarily high ISO, I ended up with fairly noisy photos. However. The good photos I got were *really* good, and if this lens was on a tripod or a pair of beefier arms (I have noodles), it would be amazing.

My next issue was the amount of time I took to edit them all. I started straight away, but then managed to badly damage my shoulder in a weird Harry Potter incident (best not to ask) and couldn’t use my computer for ages. Then there was Christmas, then I was really ill, and by the time I started editing again my style had changed slightly. Tch. 

The next time I go to Expo (May this year) I’ll be taking a new lens with image stabiliser ;)



London MCM Expo

I'll be at London MCM Expo from Friday 29th to Sunday 31st October, so come say hi if you see me wandering around, snapping away! I'll be the one in the blue and silver 'futuristic' outfit. Haha. Ha.

Maybe instead of a "Free Hugs!" sign I should carry a "Free Photos!" sign... I just want to fit in ;_;


The Spider Moon book launch

My first book launch! So much fun!

I took myself along as the unofficial photographer (as I do), enjoyed a glass of wine kindly provided by the staff at Blackwells Bookshop, and generally made a nuisance of myself. Oh wait no, that was Kate.

The launch was for Kate Brown's The Spider Moon, one of the strips that ran in The DFC. I'd like to sound really clever and deep and drop some names, but at the end of the day Kate and the other DFC artists drew amazing comics, and now they're in hardback. Remember your old annuals? Yeah, it's like that, but cooler.

There was a raffle (in a hat!) where a very lucky gentleman and his family got to choose one of Kate's huuuuuge poster prints, and a charity auction for Mind, where two wonderful ladies from Story Museum came away with prints and original line work.

There was also a Philip Pullman, but sadly I didn't manage to get a photo of him, not even a sneaky one :( Must try harder!

It was really great to see all these people, of all age groups, coming together to support comics. Awesome! I grew up with Beano and Dandy, Whizzer and Chips, Muppet Babies, all the best ones (Marvel? What?), and I really miss all that. I took my niece and nephew to buy some recently and all they had were these 'comics' with entire pages taken up by one puzzle, or adverts, and cheap tat stuck to the front to entice the child with, not to mention the fact they cost anywhere up to £5. £5!!! Let's bring comics back, proper comics, ones that make children laugh out loud, ones that make them want to draw. If The DFC makes a comeback, I hope to see it in newsagents, knocking the other publications off the shelf!

(That wasn't deep, was it? I don't do deep.)

Check out the David Fickling Books (DFB) blog for a much better write-up!